After hearing the rumor Monday night that John Calipari would be replacing him on the Los Angeles Lakers' sideline next season, Mike D'Antoni actually felt sympathy for the Kentucky coach. "You deal with it, and I hate it for John more than anybody because that puts an undue pressure on something before a big game that he doesn't need to be distracted with," D'Antoni said after the Lakers' shootaround Tuesday. Kentucky lost to UConn 60-54 in the NCAA men's basketball national championship game Monday night, just hours after former Kentucky star and current Wildcats TV color commentator Rex Chapman tweeted that Calipari would leave Kentucky to coach the Lakers next season. Both Calipari and the Lakers denied the validity of the story, with Calipari telling ESPN's Jeannine Edwards that he would "absolutely" be back at Kentucky, and the Lakers telling ESPN and other media outlets that it was simply "untrue."

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Chapman joined "The Dan Patrick Show" on Tuesday to clarify his remarks, saying he now believes Calipari is likely to stay with the Wildcats. He also said Calipari could be bargaining to get more money from Kentucky. D'Antoni said it was "great" that the Lakers quashed the story, but understands that unsubstantiated rumors will come up in today's media landscape.