The Kawhi Leonard saga in San Antonio this past year has reflected somewhat poorly on all parties involved, and most of the criticism is warranted. Kawhi could’ve been more communicative with the organization throughout the ordeal, while coach Pop, his teammates, and the front office all could’ve changed up their approach via the media and with their interactions with their disgruntled star.

Somewhat lost amid all the chatter are the implications for the Spurs’ medical team. One of Kawhi’s central qualms was his contention that team doctors had misdiagnosed his injury, which led him to seek a second opinion that ultimately kept him out of the lineup for the majority of the season.

The fact that team doctors had cleared Kawhi to play was the primary source of the conflict, leaving the Spurs wondering why he refused to suit up. Now, it’s come to light that their medical staff may be responsible for another misdiagnosis to one of their key players.

On a recent episode of his podcast, “Inside the Green Room with Danny Green,” the former Spurs’ swingman claimed that team doctors made a similar misdiagnosis about the nature and severity of a groin injury he sustained midway through the season, which prompted him to continue playing and potentially risk long-term issues.