This is the simple question on Indiana Pacers’ fans minds as we enter this off season. Personally, I don’t think you do anything with Danny Granger at this moment. I don’t think any team is going to take a chance on him after missing all of last season minus five games. It might as well be a lost season for Granger. He came out in those five games, but hardly looked like the player he once was. I know for me, I think Granger has to come off the bench. But I also understand his desire to start. He’s been a starter all these years. And you should lose your starting job due to injury. But the fact is that this Pacers team could have their starting line up back, and they need to stick with that core group to see where they can go. Granger has to understand that as well, and if he doesn’t want to come off the bench, then you start looking for ways to get him off on another direction. I would hate to part with Granger as he’s been through the Pacers in those down years, and now that this team is taking the turn for the better, I believe he wants to stick around for that. But he’s got to be that team player, and understand his role has changed. He could be a Shawn Marion type, where you’re like the “sixth” starter. Don’t think of it as a bench player. Frank Vogel has said that some guys on the bench could be starters anyways.