Here at Bog headquarters, we sometimes like to touch on the lighter (non-Haynesworth) side of pro sports, writing about who these athletes are as people, and what their hobbies are, and what things keep them amused, and their facial hair. But I have to say, Fox crushed our spot this weekend by revealing to a Saturday afternoon audience that Danny Espinosa is a beard enthusiast who enjoys napping. “Let’s learn a little bit about this Nationals second baseman,” Thom Brennaman said in the bottom of the second. “Three things you need to know about Danny Espinosa: he owns horses. Who doesn’t enjoy napping, but he might be one of the few that finds the time to do it. And how are you a beard enthusiast when you don’t have a beard?” “Well, he had a heck of a beard over the winter and during the spring,” his partner Eric Karros noted. The inning promptly ended, depriving us of learning more about this beard enthusiast who enjoys napping.