John and Jordan Danks know the unique situation they are in with the brothers both earning a living playing baseball for the White Sox. If they ever forget the duo often gets reminded by the media. "We usually joke about it" said John with a smile of the family baseball connection. "He'll come up to me and ask if I've done anymore brother interviews or whatever." Add another brother interview to that list following the White Sox 5-2 victory over the Rangers on Sunday. The victory went to John Danks who improved to 4-10 by allowing two runs on eight hits over six innings while striking out five. The game-deciding shot was delivered by Jordan coming in the form of a solo homer against Matt Garza with one out in the fourth. This homer was historic beyond propelling the White Sox to their 14th win in their last 20 games and an 8-1 mark in their last nine. According to Elias Jordan Danks became the first player to homer in support of his brother since June 3 1955 when Billy Shantz homered in support of Bobby Shantz for the Kansas City Athletics. Jordan didn't even start this contest. He had entered the game in right field during the top of the fourth when Avisail Garcia crashed into the chain-link portion of the right-field fence while trying to chase down Jeff Baker's game-tying homer. "I figured it had been a while probably" said Jordan of the brotherly home run support. "But I didn't know it had been 50-plus years." "Obviously we hope Avi's OK and I went and apologized to him for letting them hit the ball that hard out there to him" John said. "It's a little extra special that it was Jordan." As a whole the Danks' family is an athletic one. Their father John played basketball for the University of Texas in the late 1970s. Their younger sister Emily had a highly successful volleyball career for Ohio State and might be the best athlete of the family.