Upon further review, a whole summer of it, Daniel Sedin says he still wouldn't have punched back at Boston Bruins pest Brad Marchand during Game 6 of the Stanley Cup final. It was one of the endearing memories of the Canucks' bitter series defeat, the brash Bruin rookie repeatedly swatting the NHL scoring champ in the face following a play stoppage in the Canuck zone. Marchand administered at least six gloved punches without being fed one back. It still rankles in some parts of Canuck Nation that the five-foot-nine Marchand was permitted to escape scot-free from that villainy and boast about it, too, saying he kept hitting Sedin "because I felt like it." Marchand received two minutes for roughing and a 10-minute misconduct, while Sedin also got a misconduct, although the rule book says nothing about a penalty for impersonating a punching bag. Sedin had no regrets as he discussed that incident, and last season, in a session with reporters Wednesday at the University of British Columbia. It was Sedin's first full day back in Vancouver after arriving Tuesday from Sweden. "I talked about that after the season," Sedin said. "We had nothing to really gain. If we don't hit back, we're soft, and if we hit back, we're frustrated. So that's all I can say and that's all I'm going to have to say. "Marchand is a great player," added Sedin, who did have more to say. "Every team has those kinds of players and his job is to play against us. I mean, we see those players throughout the season, too, but obviously in the final it's a bigger deal. Our only chance is to produce and when we don't do that, we're losers. That's the way it is."