A self-described "great" summer, short but sweet with beautiful weather back in Sweden, hasn't taken away the pain for Daniel Sedin of falling one game short in last spring's Stanley Cup run. Of course it wouldn't – Sedin still feels the sting of Modo's best-of-five loss in the 1999 Le Mat Trophy final, 3-2 to fifth-seeded Brynas IF in the Swedish Elite League championship. That year Daniel and his brother Henrik shared the Golden Puck, given to the most valuable player in the league, much like the two have taken turns winning the Art Ross and Lindsay/Hart awards the past two seasons. And, like the Canucks and their President's Trophy season of 2010-11, Modo had finished first overall in 1998-99. Getting so close, only to come up short, if nothing else it keeps the fires burning. "For days after [Game 7] it was tough to get out of bed," Daniel said on Wednesday after his first unofficial Canucks skate of the summer at UBC, a day after he'd returned to Vancouver. "For a couple of weeks afterward you think about it every day. "I don't think you can [get over it] … but you get stronger from that, too. "It's tough. But it's what keeps you going."