The Bruins’ Daniel Paille looked like the face of the Stanley Cup playoffs yesterday. Across the bridge of his nose was a gash that was closed up by about a half-dozen stitches. The cut, however, was not the result of the hit from Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf that had everyone talking, but rather an elbow from Matt Frattin that occurred just a couple of seconds earlier, Paille said. “I was chasing the puck and I was trying to finish my check. Just as I was going to finish my check, an elbow come up and hit me,” said Paille, who was cut by his visor sliding down on his nose. But the hit that made all the noise was the one he took from Phaneuf. Paille was just about to accept a pass from Gregory Campbell when Phaneuf came in high and hard. The league did not find the hit worthy of a suspension or a hearing, and it was probably the right call. It appeared as though the initial point of contact was the upper body, and then Phaneuf rode up and got him in the head. Paille was able to gird himself for the hit and he was not injured on the play. “Maybe that’s what did happen, but I did feel my head get hit, so I don’t know if it was shoulder or arm,” Paille said. “But also, I think he’s a big hitter, but I stood up and didn’t fall, so I also think that was a big reason why (there was no call) too. I knew someone was coming, I didn’t know who. I just braced myself for it.”