If there was any question about Daniel Alfredsson returning to the NHL for an 18th NHL season, it appears he answered it through Swedish media on Friday: Alfie’s back. Marie Lehmann of Svt Sport reported that Alfredsson revealed he had decided to play another season, telling her: "The playoffs felt great. No back problems.” "I needed a few weeks to see if the necessary urge for summer training and pre-camp was there. And it is" "The chance to maybe play one more Olympics wasn't part of my decision to continue BUT I'd like to, of course" Well OF COURSE you would, sir. But then again, Alfie wasn’t included on the Olympic camp roster for Team Sweden. Awkward. Alfredsson is an unrestricted free agent, after completing a 4-year deal with Ottawa last season. He made just $1 million at the end of that front-loaded deal; we’ll go ahead and guess that won’t be the starting point for negotiations. The captain’s impact on the Senators can’t be quantified. He’s an asset in the locker room and an inspiration to young players. Conversely, those young players – and coach Paul MacLean – reignited his competitive spirit. The Senators have a chance to do something special next season. It’s great to hear Alfredsson will be a part of it.