Dan Haren, the Nats’ new starter, chatted with the folks on ESPN 980′s “Inside the Locker Room” on Friday. It looks like the team has added even more personality to their already likable locker room. On being on a young team “You know what? It’s a really young group. I’ve never felt so old. I think Strasburg said in an interview yesterday that he used to watch me growing up. That made me feel really old. I mean, I’m only 32. I’ve still got some years left in me, but man.” On batting as a pitcher “I’ve gone yard a couple of times. Those are memories that stand out. Those are fun, especially for a pitcher to hit a home run. I have those baseballs up in my office back home. “We just started swinging the bats a few days ago, and it’s not like riding a bike. It’s not like you pick up the bat and all of a sudden you’re a good hitter. When I was in Arizona in the National League, I was there for three years, and the first year or two there I wasn’t very good. The third year I got really, really good. I was swinging well and then I got traded to an American League team. So that was a few years ago. We’ll see what I’ve got this year.