No one disputes the fact Olli Jokinen wasn't right during the final three weeks of the season. However, there is now debate over whether his late-season struggles had to do with an injury or not. And getting to the bottom of the issue will undoubtedly factor into the decision on whether or not the Flames choose to try re-signing the team's top centre this summer. Jokinen's agent, Ian Pulver, told the Calgary Sun his client has been suffering from a debilitating mid-body injury that turned an otherwise solid season into a colossal disappointment starting in mid-March. "He has played with some significant mid-body injuries to try doing the best he could for the team," Pulver said. "Olli is somewhat of an iron man. He hasn't missed a game and he should be applauded." A source inside the dressing room, familiar with Jokinen's ailment, says an MRI showed a mild abdominal strain. "It's not something that hindered his play," said the source. "Guys play through stuff far worse than that this time of year. Talk that it's much worse is just an excuse."