In November, Sergeant Gracelyn Trimble filed a lawsuit against Vikings Dalvin Cook saying he physically and emotionally abused her for years, culminating in a situation at his home where an altercation took place in November of 2020 (the relationship officially ended in May 2021).

Cook’s agent and his attorneys immediately stated this was an extortion attempt from a scorned ex-girlfriend that was upset that Cook had moved on.

The pointed out at that time that Sergeant Trimble illegally entered his Cook’s home, assaulted him, and pulled a gun on him.

Trimble released photos of her injuries to strengthen her case. Cook’s attorneys said those photos had been altered and provided their own video of Trimble threatening to shoot Cook and pulling his hair.

Cook’s attorneys have now filed a defamation and extortion lawsuit against Trimble and her attorneys Daniel Cragg, Anne St. Amant, and their firm Eckland & Blando.