Atlanta Braves starter Dallas Keuchel is on a mission -- and it's not just to win the World Series this postseason in the MLB playoffs. That goes without saying, as his Braves are 2-1 in their best-of-five National League Division Series with the St. Louis Cardinals. Keuchel has more far-reaching desires -- to further expose a system that everyone already knows is broken.

"This is whole draft-pick compensation thing went from a throw-in for a team losing a player, to is he really a free agent now?" Keuchel told ESPN this past weekend. "How can you be free if there is a draft pick attached to you? And why do they value draft picks so much when the percentage of picks who make the league, and are better than you, is what, like .01 percent? There are so many things wrong."

Keuchel, of course, is talking about his headline-making offseason, when he and fellow free agent Craig Kimbrel didn't get signed at all, having to wait until after the June amateur draft. At that point, by rule, teams did not have to give up a draft pick to get them. Keuchel signed with the Braves; Kimbrel, the Cubs. The big difference between the two cases is Keuchel doubled down on the gamble, signing for just the one year -- or four months to be exact -- while Kimbrel signed for three years.