When you go for it on fourth down and make it, you’re considered an aggressive, fearless football coach.

When you go for it on fourth down and don’t make it, particularly when you don’t make it as many times as Doug Pederson hasn’t made it this season and last, well, the words aggressive and fearless get replaced by much less complimentary terms.

For the 21st and 22nd times this season, the Eagles coach rolled the dice on fourth down Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks. For the 14th and 15th times, the gambles, which came on successive possessions in the fourth quarter, failed.

With the ball near midfield and his team trailing by 17-9 early in the fourth quarter, Pederson went for it on fourth-and-2 rather than have Cam Johnston pin Russell Wilson and the Seahawks against their own goal line. Carson Wentz’s quick pass to tight end Richard Rodgers was batted by linebacker K.J. Wright.