Dallas has a pair of important contracts on the back end to look at this offseason with Miro Heiskanen set to become a restricted free agent while John Klingberg will be entering the final year of his contract, making him eligible to sign an extension at that time.  Speaking with reporters including Mike Heika of the Stars’ team site, GM Jim Nill provided some comments about the situations for both of them.

With Heiskanen needing a new deal for next season, it stands to reason that his file should be the priority.  To that end, Nill indicated that discussions have already started on that front.  When asked about Klingberg’s case, he noted the challenges that lie ahead in those talks, ones that can be easily applied to Heiskanen as well:

On their end, they have to figure out…we have a flat cap, is this cap going to be flat for the next three, four, five years? We know businesses have been hit hard and sports businesses have been hit hard. We know there is a flat cap, how long does it stay flat? We don’t know. From their point of view, are they better off to do a short-term contract hoping that revenues are going to grow? If we talk a lot about a long-term deal? What that’s number? There’s a lot of unknowns.

From our end, we have to sit down and we’re trying to project the same thing. What number works for both parties? We’re open to both ways. The short-term, we’re comfortable and I think they are, too. If it’s long term, what’s the number long-term? We’ll just have to walk through this.