Holding training camp at The Star has required the Dallas Cowboys to get creative when dealing with the Texas heat.

How so? Popsicles.

The Cowboys set up three cooling tents on an adjacent artificial turf field for players to use during the two practice breaks. In addition to cold towels, water and Gatorade are, yes, popsicles.

"The whole premise of it is to try to take down your core temperature and whatnot," starting center Joe Looney said. "I'm a big guy with a bunch of hair, so I need it. I'm in there dumping water on my head. I think it's wonderful. Practicing in Texas presents a different challenge for us, just getting used to the heat. I think it's an amazing technique that we can go in there, grab a popsicle, cool down and then head back out to practice and hit it real hard."

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Cowboys could not hold practice in Oxnard, California, their training camp home for all but one season of Jason Garrett's nine-year run as head coach.