Referee Alex Kemp said in a pool report that umpire Ramon George did everything correctly in spotting the ball. Quarterback Dak Prescott said he and the Cowboys did everything correctly to have time to spike the ball before the clock ran out.

“I thought I did (spike the ball in time),” Prescott said. “I didn’t hear what the ref said, what their announcement was. I just saw them running off the field and the Niners running on the field and celebrating, so understood what had happened.”

The Cowboys were out of timeouts with 14 seconds left when offensive coordinator Kellen Moore called for a quarterback draw to try to get close enough for a better play than a Hail Mary. Prescott ran 17 yards to the San Francisco 24, and the Cowboys scrambled to the line to try to spike the ball before time ran out. It didn’t happen.

The Cowboys snapped the ball with one second left and spiked it with no time left.