As the Dallas Cowboys take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dak Prescott admitted he did not grow up a lifelong Tom Brady fan. During a lengthy interview with NBC’s Maria Taylor, Prescott was asked if he grew up rooting for Brady, and the Cowboys quarterback noted that he previously had a “dislike” for the legend.

“I actually wasn’t, I was a Peyton Manning fan, and because of that, you dislike Tom Brady,” Prescott admitted. “It wasn’t until I got into college and realized what Tom was doing. The discipline, the focus, everything that it takes for him to be the champion that he is that then I became a huge fan of him. Then, obviously, over the past few years of him switching teams and his personality coming out and seeing how much of a great teammate he is it allows me to idolize somebody and to idolize one of the best to ever do it. So, it’s great to start the season off and to have a chance to go beat him and his team.

Taylor followed up to ask if Prescott had spent any quality time with Brady. The Cowboys quarterback gave his answer with confidence noting that he planned to meet Brady, “after the win.”

“No, no I haven’t [met Brady]…I’ll see him after the win,” Prescott said with a smile.

Here is a look at Prescott’s full NBC interview.