Dak Prescott made his first public comments since the Dallas Cowboys surprisingly released linebacker Jaylon Smith. Prescott noted that he exchanged text messages with Smith and emphasized that the move serves as a reminder that the NFL is sometimes a difficult business.

“I shot him a text message and then I think the team message is just what a business this is,” Prescott noted on October 7. “And I think that was the eye-opener, I saw Micah’s [Parsons] comment right that [this] was his ‘Welcome to the NFL moment’ he felt. At the end of the day, we all have to understand this is a business and that’s what it’s about. And obviously, coming in with Jaylon, knowing everything that he’s been through and to overcome his injury and to come back and to play well and become the player that he is. He’s an inspiration to so many.”

Prescott is just the latest Cowboys player to react to Smith’s release. Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy denied the idea that Smith was released to send a message to the locker room and does not seem concerned that the move will disrupt the team’s early success.

“Well, I think it’s just like anything, it’s a constant conversation you have with your leadership council,” McCarthy explained during an October 6 press conference. “It’s just not, you don’t [just] call meetings when they’re needed. So, I think the direction of how we’re approaching this season, the ability to develop a roster, top to bottom, particularly with the young players. I think it’s clear, you think of how we’ve gone about it the first four games.