Pro Bowl quarterback Kirk Cousins isn't sure what the Washington Redskins are thinking, with regard to his contract. But Cousins made it clear Thursday that he's willing to play on a one-year franchise tag if that option is presented for a second straight season. "We will cross that bridge when we come to it, but I would probably do what I did last year," Cousins told ESPN after the NFC's Pro Bowl practice. "I will sign it and play with it. I'm not afraid." Cousins signed a one-year franchise tender worth $19.953 million last season. This year's quarterback tag would increase to approximately $23.94 million, but it wouldn't offer Cousins the multiyear security most players seek. "It will be hard to have a lack of security at that point," Cousins said. According to ESPN Stats & Information, there have been 13 players in NFL history -- of which none were quarterbacks -- to receive franchise tags in back-to-back seasons.