Surely there is an explanation for Jay Cutler's ability to rebound from bouts of carelessness games in which he didn't protect the football as he should. It has happened seven times in his Bears career but he always seems to be more measured the next time out. Cutler's three interceptions and fumble the Lions returned for a touchdown cost the team big in the 40-32 loss in Detroit. It doesn't take a quarterback guru to determine Cutler will need to be more precise and more secure Sunday when the 4-0 Saints come to Soldier Field. Counterpart Drew Brees doesn't need extra chances to beat a team yielding 28.5 points per game. In the six games Cutler had thrown three or more interceptions since joining the Bears before last week the team is 5-1 the next week. In those games he has a combined four interceptions. "Nothing really that I can think of specifically" Cutler said when asked to account for it. There is no question ball security is re-emphasized after a bad game but it's a credit to Cutler that while things might snowball on occasion (four of the three-plus-pick games were in 2009) one bad week doesn't carry over to the next. "Sometimes it's hard to walk back in that locker room and know that 'Hey I was responsible for four turnovers' and you put your team in that position" Cutler said. "It makes you feel bad because I thought the defense played their butt off. Offensive line did a great job. "It just brings everything into perspective of how important it is how important my job is of taking care of the ball and making sure that I put us in a position to win each week." Troy Aikman who will be analyzing Sunday's game for Fox's No. 1 team with Joe Buck and Pam Oliver was skeptical about Cutler entering the season. After four games — and even on the heels of the poor outing in Detroit — the Hall of Fame quarterback says the Bears offense has more of an identity. Aikman has been candid in his assessment of Cutler and in his critique of the team's offense in the past but said games like the loss against the Lions happen on occasion.