There are quite a few players on the San Diego Chargers roster that have contracts but will be in danger of being released by the team before the 2013 season begins. Some of these are due to a changing in philosophy, some are due to contracts that were drawn up to almost force the team to release the player and some will simply be viewed at as "addition by subtraction". We'll be going through all, or at least most of, these players on the roster and letting you vote on whether or not the team should cut or keep the player. We're starting with Atari Bigby, aka The Missle, who was the starting Strong Safety through much of the 2012 season for the San Diego Chargers. Bigby signed a two-year deal with the Chargers before the 2012 season, worth $2.5 million. The first year of the deal paid him $1 million and the second year would pay him $1.5 million if the team decides to keep him.