It's back to the drawing board for Stephen Curry. Curry was the first contestant to shoot and went 0-for-5 from the second rack, dooming him to his second career three-point contest elimination Saturday night in Houston. The Warriors' sharpshooter, who leads the field with a .449 regular season three-point percentage, made two from the first rack, three from the third rack atop the key, all five from the fourth rack and four from the fifth rack for a total of 17. "The second rack killed me," said Curry. "I was (disappointed) at first, I mean, you want to win. It's a competition and you want to have a good showing. But 17 was a good number for me. Can't be mad at that." Curry finished with 17 in the final round of his 2010 loss to Paul Pierce, too. When did he feel himself heat up? "That top rack," he said. Interestingly, it was the that top rack that burned him in 2010, when he hit just one. Matt Bonner proved the best for the West, advancing to the finals with a 19. Kyrie Irving advanced from the East with an 18, and saved his best for last.