The buzz inside Madison Square Garden was reminiscent of Michael Jordan in his prime and, more recently, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. As for the way the Knicks were being taunted, you could have sworn it was none other than Reggie Miller twisting the knife with one three-pointer after another. Stephen Curry placed himself in that rarefied air Wednesday night with a performance at the World’s Most Famous Arena that was every bit as mesmerizing as anything the aforementioned group has produced. The big difference, of course, is that Jordan, LeBron, Kobe and Reggie capped their memorable moments with a victory. Curry, though, was unable to make up for the absence of Andrew Bogut and David Lee, as Golden State’s lack of size and muscle undermined his defining night. Despite Curry’s career-high 54 points, the Knicks rallied to defeat the undermanned Warriors, 109-105. “Without him tonight,” said Warriors guard Jarrett Jack, “who knows what the score would have been.” Curry’s final numbers were staggering: 18-of-28 from the field, 11-for-13 on three-pointers and 7-for-7 from the foul line. Plus he played all 48 minutes. “There was nothing anybody could do,” Carmelo Anthony said, “except hope he misses. He was 11 for 13 on threes. That’s self-explanatory.” Read more: