For Stephen Curry, it's not so much about the playoffs, the lottery or whatever lies in the Warriors' immediate future. He needs to get back on the court. His reputation is suffering, and he needs to know the feeling of playing 40 intense minutes without feeling pain in his troublesome right ankle. To which the Warriors should respond: Nice thought, but forget about it. It was encouraging to hear that Curry has been told to spend two more weeks in rehabilitation, but it's time for the final word: Shut it down. There is no upside to the flip side. It has been argued that Curry could use some on-court time with Charles Jenkins, Klay Thompson, Jeremy Tyler and other young players on the roster. That's fine - and totally unrealistic. The Warriors' current scheme has nothing to do with a radical shift in philosophy that will take place upon Andrew Bogut's arrival. They're about to become a legitimate NBA offense with low-post options, so forget about the three-point extravaganza we're seeing now - and have endured for far too long.