Maybe some of the players are tired, Cubs catcher Willson Contreras said.

But it was clear after Saturday’s flatline loss to the Cardinals that nobody’s as tired as Contreras is of the crap he’s seen on the field for much of the last two weeks.

When he let some of the steam slip after experiencing a 6-0 loss he said lacked effort, it should have landed on the ears of Cubs rebuild czar Jed Hoyer like a fire alarm.

If not opened Hoyer’s eyes to where his next championship core should start — and what this team’s next attempt at building a so-called culture should look like.

“It’s really hard, especially when you want to win,” said Contreras, who speculated that “everybody was off” Saturday because they were “distracted” by the All-Star break approaching Monday.

If players can’t get up enough effort to compete for two days before a break after the way the season went down the crapper the last two weeks, what does that say about the effort we might see through three weeks of selling off this month and more than two months to play after July 30?