Chicago Cubs starting catcher Willson Contreras isn't exactly on board for the new MLB pace-of-play rules, which include a limit on mound visits per game. Contreras is claiming he'll defy the rule which limits teams to six visits for the first nine innings of a game, minus a few exceptions. "I don't even care," Contreras said Tuesday afternoon. "If I have to go [out there] again and pay the price for my team I will." Contreras indicated he would be willing to pay a fine or deal with even harsher consequences -- though baseball is hoping it never gets that far. Speaking at a news conference later in the day, commissioner Rob Manfred and MLB chief officer Joe Torre said umpires will simply tell a catcher or other player to return to his position if his team has used up its six visits. If a catcher defies that order and gets into an argument with an umpire, then an ejection could be in order. Contreras understands the consequences and is willing to accept them if need be. "What about a tight game or an extra-inning game and you have to go out there?" he asked rhetorically. "They cannot say anything about that. That's my team. If they are going to fine me for mound visit No. 7, I'll pay the price." Contreras was especially concerned about newly signed Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish. He throws a unusually large array of pitches which might need some getting used to. For his part, Darvish wasn't too worried.