The Chicagoc Cubs downplayed Chairman Tom Ricketts’ threat this morning to move the team if his renovation plan is not passed, but warned the rooftop owners not to threaten a lawsuit. “The question was asked, ‘What would you do if the rooftops sue,’” Cubs spokesman Julian Green said. “And his response to that was if we’re not able to put the signs up in the outfield that generates the revenue to put back into the team, then we have to consider looking elsewhere. In that context, yes, we would consider moving.” Green said they are working with the community and have already made some changes in the renovation plans due to community input. He said they want to “work with the rooftops owners” so everyone is satisfied. “I don’t think it’s a take it or leave it,” Green said. “But the one thing that we really need to make this team work for us is the signage inside the ballpark, not outside on the rooftops. So on that particular position he’s firm. “We know we have a lot of stakeholders (in Wrigley’s future)- the bar owners, the restaurants, the neighbors, the city, the rooftop owners… But we would hope that we could move forward with this great opportunity where there’s a win-win, and not have this thing held up because of the legal right that we know, (we have the rights) to put up signs in the outfield…. “We know if we work together with the rooftop owners, everyone wins in this case. So we would hope we wouldn’t have to do that with the posturing of lawsuits or anything else.” So it was not a threat to move? “I think it’s a little bit overstated,” he said. “Even Tom said today, he wasn’t talking in those terms. Basically what he was saying is if the rooftops want to go as far as trying to sue, for us to keep making this investment, one that we want to make without any tax dollars, that if they want to hold it up, what he’s saying is we’ve got to look at other options.”