The Chicago Cubs' new regime is all about acquiring and holding onto big assets that can one day make them a powerhouse organization. Which is why they've made two runs at locking up opening-day starter Jeff Samardzija -- though for now there's a sizable enough gap that talks appear to be on hold. Word is, the Cubs' offer was "well above" the nearly $30 million, five-year deal the Rangers gave Derek Holland last spring, though with Samardzija a year closer to free agency (he has three years to go) and other factors, he's believe to be seeking something in an entirely different ballpark. One other factor includes the fact that Samardjzija, who had extra leverage as a Notre Dame football star with a potential NFL career looming, banked a huge $10.25 million signing bonus early (money well spent, it turns out). The other big factor, Cubs people suggest, is that Samardzija, who'll make $2.64 million this year, his first of arbitration eligibility, has an unsinkable belief in himself. Although there's a large difference of opinion for now, both sides have ample reason to try to make it work at some point, even if that isn't anytime soon.