James McDonald didn’t need any reassurances after allowing six runs in one-plus inning Friday, but he received words of encouragement from Chicago Cubs manager Rick Renteria. “I actually spoke to James this morning,” Renteria said of McDonald, who is competing for the fifth spot in the Cubs’ rotation. “I said, 'Don’t look at that; that’s a blip. Don’t worry about that.' He’s going to have plenty of opportunities to go out there and put himself in the position to show everybody what he’s got, and we’re going to do everything we can to facilitate that and make it easier.” McDonald, who missed the final five months of the 2013 season with the Pittsburgh Pirates because of a shoulder injury, warmed up for a lengthy period during the second innings when the Angels scored four runs, and McDonald felt fatigued before he was pulled during a six-run fourth. “Fortunately, it’s just fatigue, it seems,” Renteria said. Meanwhile, outfielder Junior Lake continues to work in center field and left field to improve his defensive skills. This marks the second full season Lake has worked in the outfield. Renteria said Lake is learning to get better reads of the bat from different angles “where he’s not necessarily breaking back on balls and then having to recover and come forward. “There’s a term that we use called 'height means time,' “ Renteria said. “It allows you to drop-step and it’s just a millisecond for you to recognize and read whether the ball is actually going to go over your head, or you can retreat and come forward. It gives you that balance of not having to take 20 steps back and then recover and move forward.”