It was just yesterday that someone on Twitter was asking about free agent Jackie Bradley, Jr. as a fit for the Cubs in relation to my post about the corner outfield market. And my thoughts were, yeah, of course Bradley would make sense for the Cubs as a true center fielder who could push Ian Happ to left field, thus dramatically improving the overall outfield defense, and also adding an intriguing bat the lineup.

 I’d just written about that in the Bullets, which is what, in turn, prompted me to write about the corner outfielder market, because frankly, I didn’t see it as realistic that the Cubs would pursue Bradley right now. A free agent who would require multiple years to sign? Pfft. Cubs ain’t putting out those vibes these days …

The Cubs? Listed as one of three teams with interest in Bradley? A real-life free agent?

To be sure, Bradley is an obvious fit for the Cubs, who currently sport just two outfielders. Bradley been attached to the Cubs many times before – in part because of the front office connection (he was drafted back in 2011 when Theo Epstein was in Boston), and in part because the Cubs have lacked a true, everyday center fielder for a while not – and he’s long been viewed as a guy with upside in the bat that he just hasn’t shown yet. Maybe a change of scenery, the thinking was, would tap into it some more.