What comes first — a loose clubhouse or winning games? "Winning cures all kinds of things," Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. Veteran pitcher Matt Garza said Friday that the Cubs play better when they are loose and perform "without added pressure." Sveum is all for that approach. "The one thing you try to create, whether you're winning or losing, is to keep the same clubhouse and the same atmosphere," Sveum said Saturday. "You don't try to push panic buttons. That clubhouse is their clubhouse. It's not my clubhouse. It's just like my office is not their office. So I try to let them police that and whatever they want to do with the music … that's their clubhouse. "It's home away from home for those guys. And it's good that you're always loose. If you're struggling and you lose a game the day before … you need people to understand that day is over. This is a whole other day. Don't fall into that (trap) that if you're not playing well, you turn the music down or that kind of stuff. To me, that doesn't affect winning or losing baseball games." No knock on Wood: Starting pitcher Travis Wood is being pushed back in the rotation to get more rest. Scott Feldman and Garza will go against the Angels on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wood will start against the Pirates on Friday.