Cubs fans and the Chicago media will dissect the relationship between Rick Renteria and Starlin Castro. Renteria knew the Castro questions would be coming during Thursday’s meet-and-greet session at Wrigley Field. The new Cubs manager already made it a priority to reach out to the franchise shortstop. “People ask me about Starlin,” Renteria said. “I watch him from the other side and I go: ‘Gosh, what a tremendously gifted athlete.’ First of all, I got to get to know him as a person and I have to figure out what it is that moves him. “He’s a wonderful kid. I actually was able to speak to him at length – he’s one of the first guys that I called – and he’s willing to do anything we ask him to do.” Cubs executives already knew Renteria as the San Diego Padres bench coach, and he impressed them with an upbeat attitude, a high energy level and the ability to speak Spanish. Dale Sveum got fired after 197 losses in two years – and several disconnects with the front office over communication style, hitting philosophy and roster management. It’s safe to assume Renteria won’t be threatening to send Castro to Triple-A Iowa. But Renteria is supposed to give Castro some “tough love.” After a lost season of “mixed messages,” the Cubs have to rewire their two-time All-Star shortstop. “I know people talk about him losing focus and maybe having bad at-bats and things of that nature,” Renteria said. “We have to address those things. Sometimes (we) don’t want to have a conversation or maybe we don’t like the answer we’re going to get. “But the reality is you have to (communicate). The only way you can improve things is to converse and try to put at least a plan (in place), or an idea of how they can move forward. And I think that’s one of the things we’re going to have to do as teachers.”