There’s little drama at Cubs camp when it comes to forming a 25-man roster in spring training. The starting rotation is entirely in place, and the lineup possibilities are all in mind for manager Joe Maddon. This is the byproduct of a team with plenty of homegrown talent and some key free-agent acquisitions. The Cubs are expected to contend once again for the World Series in 2018, and spring training simply brings the foundation for a new year. It’s just what Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer prefers this time of year, as he explained to the Spiegel & Parkins Show on Monday that the circumstances surrounding spring training success are often misguided. “I love being in Arizona,” Hoyer said. “It’s wonderful. We do not make good decisions down here as an industry, as a team. The ball flies. Pitchers have a hard time keeping the ball in the ballpark. Every hitter looks amazing. In my career — and I think almost anyone in our position would say this — people don’t make good decisions in spring training.