Welcome back to Rumor Buy or Sell, where we ... OK, so the title is kind of self-explanatory. Our rumor to break down here a few days before free agency officially begins and unofficially sort of kicks off the Hot Stove season Hoo boy, that's a juicy one. Phil is right, it's complicated. Let's dive in. Jason Heyward just finished the second year of an eight-year, $184 million deal. There are six years and $134,166,667 left on the deal. If Heyward were a free agent this offseason, there's no chance he even sniffs a fraction of that. In two years with the Cubs, he has been a great baserunner, exceptional defender (he just won his fourth straight Gold Glove) and supposedly an even better teammate. He has also hit .243/.315/.353 with 18 homers, with power around baseball way up and him at a traditionally offensive position in right field. After some, but not much, improvement in 2017, I'm not confident he'll ever again be a worthwhile offensive player. Surely, the Cubs would love to deal him. He also has a full no-trade clause, though. Jeff Samardzija has three years at $19.8 million per season left on his deal with the Giants. He was 9-15 with a 4.42 ERA, 1.14 WHIP and 205 strikeouts in 207 2/3 innings last season. Mark Melancon is due $53 million over the next three seasons, but he could opt out of his deal after 2018. In an injury-riddled 2017 season, Melancon had a 4.50 ERA and 1.43 WHIP in 30 innings. Through the next three seasons, Heyward is set to make $69,166,667 while Melancon and Samardzija will make $112.4 million. The latter two are done after three years, however, while Heyward still has two years and $44 million after that point. Again, this is complicated, especially with Heyward's no-trade clause, but perhaps the Cubs could pay a big portion of the final two years of the deal while taking on the extra short-term dollars of Samardzija and Melancon to further sweeten the deal for the Giants. Oh, hey, Samardzija and Melancon also have no-trade clauses.