The Cubs wore uniforms from the early 1900s on Saturday as part of the Mariners' "Turn Back the Clock Day" festivities at Safeco Field. Despite a wild, 5-3, 11-inning victory over the Mariners on Saturday, any resemblance between the 2013 Cubs and the team that won three straight National League pennants from 1906-08 is purely coincidental. In fact, the Cubs combined for 322 wins in those three seasons, while they're threatening to lose nearly 300 combined from 2011-13. But Jeff Samardzija was on the mound Saturday, and before the game he showed his teammates an old Notre Dame-Washington DVD he had to bring back the "ju-ju" he had in his football glory days. "I think I'm undefeated in 'turn back' uniforms going back to Notre Dame," Samardzija said. "We used to pull them out all the time. It's fun, but maybe if they fit you for the uniforms before the game, that would be nice. You go out there and feel like you're wearing a bedsheet sometimes. The elastic belts don't do so well either. I like the high socks. I don't have any calves. 'Pants up' is like going 'old school,' which is good." Old school is one way of looking at the Cubs' victory. They rallied on Alfonso Soriano's two-run homer off Oliver Perez in the 11th after Kevin Gregg blew a victory for Samardzija when he gave up a two-out, RBI single to Endy Chavez in the ninth. Soriano appears to be heating up at the right time, which means the Cubs could have a better chance of dealing him before the July 31 deadline. The Cubs are motivated sellers, and President Theo Epstein has been in Seattle this weekend.