Addison Russell said he hears his name associated with Orioles superstar Manny Machado in trade discussions only when media members ask questions to him.

And Russell’s isolation is supported by his recent production at the plate, where he is 6-for-12 and providing clutch hits such as his game-tying double in the ninth inning Tuesday against the Braves.

“I really don’t pay attention to that,” Russell said Saturday morning of reports linking him to Machado, who can become a free agent after this season. “All I know is that I play for the Cubs. And I’m going to play for the Cubs as hard as I can. I like this team, I like this organization. I really don’t pay attention to all that stuff.

“It doesn’t bother me. I’ve been in a trade once (from the Athletics in 2014). This is a great organization. The Cubs have stuck with me when I went through a lot of things. I think that would be sad if I ever had to leave, but I’m very thankful for the Cubs to give me the opportunity of playing. I’m very thankful, but as far as the trade rumors, if it happens, it happens. I really don’t pay them attention.”