fter two consecutive years of double-digit hikes, the average price of Cubs season tickets will rise less than 1 percent in 2018. “We saw an opportunity to be less aggressive than we have been the last two years,” Cale Vennum, vice president for ticket sales said Thursday. Prices in some sections of Wrigley Field will decrease by as much as 5.6 percent, Vennum said. Those area include the bleachers, some outfield field boxes as well as some terrace box seating. Conversely, prices will rise as much as 9 percent for some upper deck reserved seats, some field boxes and terrace reserved “preferred” box seats. Vennum did not say what the prices changes would be for single-game tickets, which will go on sale Feb. 23. These season ticket prices do not include the approximate 700 tickets for the American Airlines 1914 Club, which is on schedule to be open for the Cubs' April 9 home opener against the Pirates. Those tickets, directly behind home plate, will range from $400-$695 per game — as much as $56,295 for the 2018 season. The price includes taxes, food, soft drinks, beer, wine and liquor. Vennum said the team expects to sell out those club tickets by opening day. Outside of those 1914 Club tickets, the most expensive will be $299 for a bullpen box seat for one of the “diamond” games. The lowest-priced tickets will be $8 for a seat in the upper deck outfield reserved section for one of the nine “bronze” games.