Royals rookie reliever Aaron Crow got two shocks before Sunday's series finale against the Colorado. First was manager Ned Yost's announcement, in a team meeting, that Crow had been selected to the American League squad for the All-Star Game on July 12 at Arizona. "I couldn't believe it at first," Crow said. "It's something that everyone dreams about having the opportunity to do. But only a few lucky people get the opportunity." The second jolt came a few moments later when Crow called home. "My dad usually can't shut up," he said. "But when I called him, he had just seen it on TV, and he was speechless. He couldn't say anything. It was nice to have him react that way." The Royals have a chance to place two players the American League's 34-man squad because left fielder Alex Gordon was one of five players picked for the Final Vote competition that determines the final selection.