They sat side by side in the Penguins' locker room, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, the two greatest Penguins — and maybe players — of their generation. Crosby sat dignified and quiet, while Malkin sat with his head in his hands for the longest time. They'll forever sit side by side at the bottom of the score sheet of the 2013 Eastern Conference final, too. The mega-powers were silenced by the Bruins in a 1-0 setback in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference final. Neither player earned a point in the series. They weren't able to muster much of an explanation, either. “I tried,” Malkin said. “I tried. If you're not (shooting), you're not scoring goals. Sometimes I'm not scoring and I'm nervous and I have good chances — I don't know, try to shoot quicker? Sometimes I can wait and get an empty net. It's tough. “I have no confidence. You know, zero goals.” Malkin launched 21 shots on goal during the series. Boston goaltender Tuukka Rask stopped every one. Crosby knows the feeling. The undisputed greatest player in hockey endured the most miserable playoff series of his career. Crosby actually played his finest game of the series in Game 4 and was probably the game's best player, other than the unflappable Rask. But the player who was built to score points at will came up empty against the stingy Bruins.