Darrelle Revis is gone, but the Jets still may have the best cornerback in football — if you ask Antonio Cromartie. The Jets’ new No. 1 cornerback believes if he can stay consistent he could be the best in the game, even better than you know who in Tampa Bay. “I think so if I’m playing on a consistent basis and using my techniques and doing the things I need to do,” Cromartie told The Post last week. Even though he believes he can be the best, Cromartie said that is not his goal heading into the 2013 season. “Can I be? Yes. Do I care to be? No,” he said. “If we’re winning and I’m doing the things I need to do, then that’s what it’s really all about.” Cromartie, 29, had his best season with the Jets last year when he stepped into the No. 1 cornerback role after Revis was injured. He made the Pro Bowl and showed a level of consistency that had been lacking in his first two seasons with the Jets and in his time with the Chargers. During this offseason, Cromartie has emerged as an unlikely leader of the Jets. He has worked out with several of his teammates, including fellow cornerback Kyle Wilson and second-year wide receiver Stephen Hill. This week, Cromartie will play host to several teammates in California for workouts. This would have been hard to imagine during Cromartie’s first two years with the Jets, when his attitude and play sometimes showed his immaturity. Former defensive coordinator Mike Pettine once said the coaches would ask each other before games whether the “good Cro or bad Cro” would show up that day. “I see him taking a step as far as his leadership as well, bringing guys with him,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said. “He does work extremely hard. He’s one of the first guys in the building every day and one of the last to leave, so he is very dedicated. I’ve seen him on the practice field really working at his craft, trying to get better. Sometimes when you get a guy that has played extremely well, obviously a Pro Bowl level, sometimes it’s natural to kind of [think], ‘Hey I got this figured out.’ The great ones, the unusual ones, will try to take it [to] a level even higher, and I see that out of him.”