Jordan Crawford, traded to Boston from Washington on Thursday for Leandro Barbosa and Jason Collins, finds himself in unfamiliar territory now -- surrounded by veterans. How he handles that will go far in determining his role with the Celtics and even more important, his future as an NBA player. Crawford's talent has never been in question. It's how he has used that talent -- often selfishly at times -- that concerns many. In Washington, Crawford was surrounded by a slew of players just as young as he was. So there was indeed a lack of veteran leadership and accountability throughout his time there. But he has no excuse now, not with a Celtics team that's brimming with savvy veterans who have been in just about every situation imaginable. "It's a perfect situation for him," C's guard Jason Terry told Comcast SportsNet. "We have a great veteran group of guys that definitely take the young guys under our wing. He's young. He's athletic. He can shoot. So we welcome the talent." So does Celtics head coach Doc Rivers. "He's a scorer," Rivers said. "And losing Barbosa who was our scorer off the bench, we really felt we needed to replace that. We needed another guard in general. We're hoping he can do that. Obviously I'm hoping this is a fresh start for him. He's had his good days and his bad days. We want him to have a lot of good days."