Craig Anderson is entering a contract year in Ottawa and, while he insists his focus is on the season, he adds his future is with the Senators. Anderson, 36, is set to begin his seventh season with the Senators since being acquired during 2010-11 season from the Colorado Avalanche for Brian Elliott. He told the Ottawa Citizen on Monday he will allow his agents to focus on his next contract while he concentrates on his performance on the ice. “As far as I’m concerned I have a season left to worry about and play hockey for,” Anderson said. “I leave all that other stuff — the extra curriculars — for the agents and managers. For me it’s staying focused with the group of guys. The object at hand is to play out the season I have left on it, and just focus my energy towards that.” He was then asked by the Citizen if he wanted to finish his career in Ottawa. “One hundred per cent,” Anderson responded. “I think going back to when I came here seven, eight years ago, it’s one of those things where Ottawa has been a home for me since I got here. Welcomed me with open arms. I’ve set some pretty good roots here, as far as just getting used to the town, getting used to the fans and really enjoying my time here.