P.K. Subban is often a lightning-rod for controversy and it's often for reasons that are completely groan-worthy. The latest spat comes from Thursday night's contest between the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators. Subban scored the game-winning goal in overtime and he was rather excited about it. Apparently Subban was too excited for Senators' goalie Craig Anderson's taste. Here's what Anderson said about the whole thing today, via the Ottawa Citizen: “I think you hit the key word there,” Anderson said in response to a question. “It was unnecessary. “I didn't see us, when we scored our overtime goal (in a 4-3 win on Jan. 4 in Montreal), we didn't skate around throwing our jersey up in the air like that. “It's one of those things where it's his character, that's the way he is, we all know about it. But it should make us all angry here that we don't want that to happen again so we've got to win the games.” Goal celebrations have existed for many years. Some are more exuberant than others and often the most exuberant celebrations come in the form of overtime game-winning goals. Emotions run high and some players channel their emotions differently. However, Anderson goes so far as to say that it's Subban's character that is the issue here. That seems more than a little unfair, but then again, Subban is often judged unfairly it seems. There's no question that he plays the game with a near child-like exuberance, which can rub people the wrong way. But for others, it should be refreshing. Here's a guy who still enjoys what he does. And is there anything better than helping your team win? You also might notice in the video when Subban pulls away from the celebratory scrum, he clutches the Canadiens crest on his jersey and was not tugging at his nameplate to draw more attention to the fact that it was he that scored. Additionally, he dives into his teammates, not away from them to make a spectacle of himself – though in hockey terms what he did was a spectacle.