However he can create offense — whether it’s as the architect of the play or the one who executes it — winger Radim Vrbata wants to deliver that for the Coyotes. “If I have a guy who’s the playmaker, I have no problem,” Vrbata said. “I will try to get open for him and score goals. If we don’t have that or if you don’t have that guy always looking for you, then I want to play with the puck and create chances for somebody else.” It’s clear, though, that Vrbata is better suited to be the finisher rather than the playmaker he was forced to become this year. Last season’s career-high production of 35 goals and 62 points was a result of him being on the receiving end of veteran Ray Whitney’s creativity. Vrbata scored 12 goals this season and recorded 28 points despite missing a month with a cracked bone in his left foot. Vrbata will be back in the fall, and he believes he can match his 2011-12 output even without Whitney. “Point-wise I think I will be the same or close to the same as last year,” he said. “Goal-wise, it’s a little different. With ‘Whits’ last year, you had a playmaker looking for you every time. I knew I didn’t have to handle the puck as much. For me, it was get open and I knew I was going to get it in a good area to score goals. “This year, it’s a little different. I played more with the puck. I think I have more assists than goals. That role changed a little bit.” What the Coyotes lacked this season is what Vrbata identified as a go-to line that’s developed chemistry over the years and, therefore, become extremely reliable. “That’s what we had with Ray the last few years,” Vrbata said. “It’s too bad he couldn’t stay. It would help to bring some skill. It would help everybody — power play, five-on-five play.”