Phoenix Coyote captain Shane Doan kept the hockey world waiting all summer. Would he take his free-agent talents somewhere else? Or would he remain with the Coyotes, the only franchise he has played for since breaking into the NHL in 1995? He was waiting for the Coyote ownership situation to be resolved – he's still waiting – but cast his lot with the team anyway, signing a four-year contract worth $21.2 million on the eve of the September lockout. Doan was admittedly crushed when the Greg Jamison (potential ownership) deal didn't pan out. It was another kick in the rear end. “I'm disappointed, incredibly disappointed, it didn't get done,” Doan said. “I wanted that deal to be done and obviously that was a huge part in me signing there. That being said, I love our coaching staff, the management and players we have here. It probably came down to that. It was a little tougher decision than I ever anticipated and it went longer than I ever anticipated. “It comes down to the fact I think we have a great upside," he added. "We have the ability not to just win but to win everything. I know people smile and laugh at that because we're down in Phoenix but we've got a great nucleus and I think we've got the right mix.”