The all-for-one, one-for-all philosophy that guided the Coyotes in the past was effective because everyone pulled his weight. But sometimes a team simply needs a game changer. Too bad the only one that exists on the Coyotes’ roster this season — goalie Mike Smith — wasn’t able to play Monday against the San Jose Sharks because of a lower-body injury, yet the Coyotes believe they should have been able to persevere without Smith and not suffer through a 4-0 rout. “You can always find a way to win or give yourself the best chance to win,” coach Dave Tippett said. “What frustrates me is when you have situations where you don’t think we’re playing as well as we can. We don’t have enough players impacting the outcome of the game in a positive way.” But the Coyotes haven’t been built to rely on that type of player because that hasn’t been their target during off-season renovations. What’s panned out to be the team’s best move last summer was the acquisition of Dave Moss — a north-south winger who can get pucks deep, protect them along the boards and eventually move to the front of the net. Moss was billed for a third-line role, and that’s exactly what he’s delivered. Only five players have more points than his 20 so it could be argued he’s overachieved. “You can’t get frustrated if pucks aren’t going in,” Moss said. “It’s doing the same things over and over again, and eventually they will go in. You can’t expect things to happen and start cheating or stop working.”