Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant fired back early Friday morning at Janoris Jenkins for comments the Giants cornerback made in February. Ahh, the joys of social media. Responding to a tweet yours truly posted on Feb. 9 that said, "Janoris Jenkins explains how he shut down Dez Bryant last season" with a link to a story with Jenkins' comments, Bryant wrote, "Bra they play cover 5 damn near the whole time... put his ass 1 on 1 the whole game... I will embarrass him... (Giants defensive coordinator Steve) Spagnuolo know." That tweet was sent at 12:12 a.m. ET. Someone must have alerted Bryant that he was responding to a two-month old tweet because he deleted his inflammatory tweet (but nothing is ever really deleted on the internet). He then tweeted at 4:52 a.m., "I jumped the gun on my last tweet... I thought it was recent & thought he kept going on about it... I'm still looking forward to our battle." Bryant's explanation is believable because my tweet from February got some traction on Thursday afternoon, presumably because the Giants are scheduled to play the Cowboys in the season opener.