The Dallas Cowboys are for real this year. The offense has been as good as anybody could've hoped for while the defense found gold in Treveon Diggs and does just enough on a week-to-week basis to keep things close. Most importantly and most impressively, Dak Prescott has been essentially immaculate after missing nearly all of last year with a broken ankle. The sixth-year quarterback has thrown for 1,813 yards, 16 touchdowns, and four interceptions in six games in 2021. Dallas has won five games, and their one loss came to the defending Super Bowl champions in a nailbiter on opening night. 

The season could not have gotten off to a much better start. But trouble potentially looms on the horizon. Prescott strained his calf on his game-winning touchdown pass to CeeDee Lamb against the Patriots in Week 6. The Cowboys, fortunately, had a bye week in Week 7 so Prescott got some time to rest up, but he's still on the injury report heading into Sunday's matchup with the Minnesota Vikings. 

While a strained calf is nothing too serious, Prescott's brutal injury from last season isn't that far in the rearview. Everybody understands that the Cowboys' hopes rest entirely upon the shoulders of Prescott.