The Dallas Cowboys are in a tailspin and quickly fading from playoff contention, and it sounds like the finger-pointing has begun in the wake of Thursday’s loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Cowboys players are becoming frustrated with the team’s coaching staff for a number of reasons. One is the lack of adjustments that have been made during Dallas’ three-game losing streak. “I’m told there’s growing frustration from the Cowboys players about their coaching staff,” Rapoport said Sunday. “It really stems from two things. One, just the lack of adjustment that has gone on over the past couple weeks, the Chaz Green disaster at tackle when Tyron Smith was out was just one example. The team simply did not help him and didn’t alter the game plan when it was clear he needed some help. That was one issue that certainly left the players rumbling.” Another gripe players have had reportedly stems from how predictable the Cowboys have been. “I had one person tell me that Philip Rivers was out on the field Thursday night calling out the Cowboys blitzes before they happened on the field,” Rapoport added. “Not a good sign for the Cowboys.”